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  • What ages/levels do you teach?
    We specialize in all levels! ​ *babies & adults* *terrified swimmers* *stroke correction* *tri-athletes* *recreational* *fitness swimmers*
  • Where do you teach lessons?
    We ALWAYS have openings in our private pool in Golden Gate Ciry During the winter (our off-season), we may be able to travel to Marco Island, Bonita Springs, & S Estero. Call or text. 239-465-8602
  • What is your teaching style for kids?
    We teach the Red Cross levels & believe in their philosophy. Water safety is #1!. We are stocked with swim toys from Barbie to Spider Man, sticky toys, sinking aquatic critters, rubber duckies & aquatic swimmers! We have all the equipment to make learning to swim enjoyable & easy! We also follow the American Association of Pediatrics guidelines & teach survival swimming very gently.
  • How many lessons does it take until my child swims?
    It varies! Every swimmer has his/her own way and pace of learning, therefore, it is impossible to determine the average amount of lessons it takes to achieve the desired level of swimming. 3-5 yr olds are the fastest & easiest to teach/ learn. Lots of play/ swim time between lessons speeds up the progress. What are your expecations? Not drowning? Or all the strokes? I took 10 yrs of swim lessons, Sarah could beat me in a race before her 3rd lesson LOL but I am her mom! In other words: it is up to you/your swimmer!
  • How long are the lessons?
    We teach lessons for as long as requested. Most Red Cross lessons are 30 minutes. Swimmers tend to get tired and lose focus after 30 minutes. *SEE: "How much do lessons cost" for a breakdown of times and pricing*
  • How much do lessons cost?
    Our pool $35/ half hr $70/ hr **Lesson prices do not change with additional swimmers. Prices are based on time
  • Do you offer group lessons?
    Yes! Prices are based on duration & location, NOT on the number of swimmers! That means if your weekly group lesson changes from 4 swimmers to 2 swimmers, you/your group are responsible for paying the FULL amount for the lesson.
  • How do you teach babies?  Birth -two yrs
    Mostly, we teach parents what to do, how to hold your child & why & explain the next steps. A couple of lessons & lots of practise. Call for a couple more in a few months & a couple more lessons etc. We encourage lots of play time for progress. Our goal is to make water time comfortable for babies & not terrifying for parents. With very young childern, a small group is great. (parents can invite friends & split the cost). We do need parents in the water. Generally! At 2 1/2 we begin to make huge changes & progress into swimming & weekly lessons are best for progess.
  • What is your teaching style for scared adults?
    Very much the same as kids ....but we submerge a martini, rather than a cute duckie! Swimming has been my passion since I was 7. I also RESPECT the power of water & understand "phobias." We are gentle, explain every process & go with your needs & strengths, rather than 100% technique.
  • Do you help advanced swimmers/ triathletes/ technique?
    Yes. We are great at stroke correction. The most minute change in any part of your body/stroke will make swimming easier, more enjoyable & faster.
  • What are your hours?
    8:30am-6:00pm. 7 day/ week May vary seasonally
  • Do you teach ISR?
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    As soon as possible! Sick kids, 24 hrs. Weather. Last minute. We live in SWFLA! If you text & ask if it is safe to swim & I do not text back, I am in the pool & come on over!
  • What is your payment method?
    Caash or check. Pay by the lesson
  • What is your pool temp?
    We make the best progress at 90. I have solar & electric heaters. A cold child will not swim & I will cancel the lesson. I have kids wetsuits if my pool is warm but it's moderately rainy or windy.
  • What should my pool temp be for lessons?
    At least 86. I know kids will play for hours in colder water, but they do not listen to instruction if chilly.
  • Do you have shade for me & my swimmer at your pool?
    Yes. Parents sit in shade on my back porch. We have nearly complete coverage over the pool with 90% UV protection from Sun Sails.
  • Do I go in the water with my child?
    Yes with babies untill 2yrs of age (generally). When they are the in "stranger stage," I need the parents. At 2 1/2, probably not. At 3yrs, NO!!! Otherwise, we will not make progress.
  • What do I need to bring?
    A swimmer & a towel! We have every kind of specialized and regular fins in every size, tons of goggles, masks, snorkels, noodles, pull bouys, kick boards, hand paddles & wet suits in every size. We have all the equipment to make swimming enjoyable & easy
  • Are you certified in CPR & 1st Aid?
    Yes. Red Cross. Copies available upon request.
  • Are you currently certified by the Red Cross to teach?
    Yes. Copies upon request
  • Are you a current Red Cross lifeguard?
    Yes. Current Red Cross certification. Copies available upon request
  • What's your COVID policy?
    Enter your answer here
  • How many years have you been teaching?
    Kate- 35 yrs. Sarah- 22 yrs...all her life. She has been Red Cross certified- 7 yrs
  • Do you have references?
    Available upon request. I can give you phone numbers for families I have taught. The Aquatics director for Collier County Parks & Rec. is Rich Degallon. We taught together for 10 yrs. I was married then, ask about Kate Davenport
  • Do you offer amenities?
    YES!! 1. A cold Water cooler on deck 2. A towel warmer for cool days 3. Umbrellas provided for rain days 4. Easy parking 5. 90% UV coverage
  • Are there bathroom/ change rooms available?
    Yes. A pool bath off my pool deck.
  • Parking?
    In my driveway or in the grass across the street. My neighbors are #1!
  • What is your address?
    4157 17th Ave SW. Naples 34116
  • Is there wi-fi available?
    Yes. Swimming123
  • I need to bring a younger sibling to the lesson & she is "active!" Is that a problem?"
    Great!! Kids love to watch my chickens or look for my cats. My back yard & pool deck is all for kids.
  • What covid precautions do you take?
    Sarah & Kate are both fully vaccinated. We additionally wear a shield or plastic mask while teaching. We require all unvaccinated adults to wear a mask on our pool deck when a non-familial adult is also on deck. A bench is provided for parents who do not wish to wear a face covering & would rather wait outside the pool area for the previous family to vacate the deck.
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